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The Sharjah Customs Department Site; Sharjah Customs plays a vital role in contributing to the national economy by virtue of revenue collected in the form of import & other taxes and duties. It plays a leading role in supervising and controlling in the movement of goods in and out of the country via obviating smuggling and contrabands which is determined with Emirates well being. Sharjah Customs has regularly improved its performance in recent years and its activities, due to the plans and programs introduced by the Department of Seaports and Customs. These innovations and programs have combined to create a new environment that participated in providing an improved level of service to importers, exporters and the commercial community as a whole.


Address: P.O.Box: 70 - Sharjah - UAE
Telephone: 0097 06 5282216
Fax: 0097 06 5281425
Website: http://www.sharjahcustoms.gov.ae/