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Vanguard General Trading is a UAE based company which is owned and managed by engineers and has many years of experience in the fluid handling products, rotatory machinery, building material and food grains segment of market in Gulf Region, Asian and African countries. Over the years Vanguard General Trading has developed into a multi-disciplinary company with the capability to serve as a total solution provider in specialized industries such as power generation, transmission and distribution, petrochemical and process and water related projects. line of products are basket strainer, Conical strainer, temporary strainer, simplex strainers, duplex strainers, Y strainer, T strainer, butt weld strainer, PVC basket strainer, fabricated strainer, Self cleaning strainer, flushing strainer, backwashing strainer, filter bags, melt blown filter cartridge, plated filter cartridge, membrane filter cartridge, wound propylene filter cartridge, single filter cartridge housing, duplex filter cartridge housing, hydra cell pump, seal less pump, exhaust head, condensate trap, steam trap, air liquid, separator, suction diffuser, line blind, triple duty valve, float and lever valve, bearings, ball valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, safety valve, solenoid valve, angle valve, pneumatic fittings, regulators, expansion joints, fire hydrants, gear box, balancing valves, pressure reducing valves, pocket filter, diesel flow meter, water meter, diaphragm pump, duel metal temperature gauges, actuator, air regulators, manifolds, instrumentation valves, flanges, pipe and pipe fittings, submersible pumps, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, temperature transmitters, flow meter, turbine type flow meter, vortex flow meter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flange gasket, spiral wound gasket, Industrial thermometer, needle valve, plug valve, manifolds, expansion joints, pressure switch, limit switch, push buttons, generators, alternators, breakers, power supplies, inventors, motors, controllers, measuring instruments and meters, Panel meter analog and digital, volt meters, ampere meter , well head, drilling pipe, drilling spool, mud pump, mud manifold, drilling rig, RAM type BOP, low torque bonnet seal, pipe ram packer, wire rope, stancore pump, vector peristaltic pump, push in fitting, coupling, barrel pump, Electric cable, warning light Products sell well in Europe, & USA Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Asian countries: Singapore, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan.


Address: Hamriya Free Zone G37 -08, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
Zip: 49108
Telephone: +971-6-562-5209
Fax: +971-6-562-5210
Website: http://www.vanguarduae.com


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