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By the mid 1990s the Sharjah Government had started recognising the need to implement strong environmental policies, including air and water pollution control, the enforcement of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), and the protection of the habitat. For this purpose Animal Management Consultancy was approached for assistance. One of its first tasks was the construction and establishment of a facility to house the Arabian Leopard Breeding Programme. This led to the opening in May 1998 of the Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife. Not only does this facility breed the locally endangered wildlife, but also serves as a base for research into all the other species of mammal, reptile, freshwater fish, amphibians and invertebrates which are endemic to the Arabian Peninsula. Recognizing a primary function as being environmental education, the next step for Animal Management Consultancy was to create an educational zoological facility, based on the best designs and current international zoological park trends. The result is the impressive Arabias Wildlife Centre. In establishing conservation projects, Breeding Centre has built up strong ties with facilities, institutes, government departments and field researchers, on both a regional and international basis. This cooperation has made it possible for environmental planning and management to be discussed cooperatively, rather than each area of responsibility dealt with on an individual basis. This holistic approach has reaped great benefits for the wildlife and habitats of Arabia, with expertise and resources being shared amongst people with a common goal.


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