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Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts consists of 27 leading hotels - all of which are to be found in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and India. Headquartered in Dubai, the Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts has been acknowledged as the strongest up-and- coming chain in the Middle East and India. History: The Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts purchased its first hotel The Ramee International Hotel, Dubai in the year 1994. From this beginning and in a short period the company now consists of 27 hotels. In Dubai our chain is lead by the Regent Palace Hotel, the Headquarter of Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts. While in Bahrain, The Ramee International Hotel, opened in 2001 has been part of a significant development within the luxury market segment. In India the Ramee International Hotel, Mumbai is component of the continuing growing presence within this dynamic market. Future Outlook: The Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts is emerging as a growing chain, and we are now at the stage to consolidate our position as a successful brand, the aim is to operate a network of business and resort hotels in numerous key capitals and resort destinations. To be the fastest up-and-coming world class provider in hospitality Business / Leisure Resources: The Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts offers widespread resources for the business traveller, corporate meetings, conferences and planning of all special events. Amenities for both the business and leisure traveller will include health club, swimming pool, spa, dining and entertainment choices like live band music and much more. Whether you are a corporate or leisure traveller Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts provides unique service and attention to your special needs.


Address: P.O.Box 26816, Dubai, UAE
Telephone: 9714 3963888
Fax: 9714 3964080
Website: http://www.ramee-group.com/