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  • Orient Irrigation Services
    Orient Irrigation Services is a company based in the United Arab Emirates, with offices in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Orient Irrigation Services was established in Dubai in 1977, with the view of using the limited local water resou ...
  • Paul G. Seils Landscape Consultant
    Paul Seils is an Entrepreneur in the Horticulture Industry and the Director of Green Vision Group, Green Concepts International (1999 Present). A qualified Horticulturist and Designer with over 15 years continual involvement in the Landscape and Hor ...
  • Dina Home Company
    Family business in Dubai dealing in plants, seeds, agricultural materials and equipment; has a nursery and farm for pot- and field-grown plants; products: palms, cycads, ornamental trees and shrubs; also sells horticulture perlite, vermiculite etc. ...
  • Al Ryum Companies
    Nursery in Abu Dhabi with supporting facilities in Dubai; deals in climbers, ground covers, ornamental grasses, palms, seasonal shrubs, succulents, trees, water plants etc. ...
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