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  • American Express Middle East and North Africa
    Has information about credit and other cards, expense management solutions for companies, financial services like private banking, and benefits for merchants accepting the companys cards. ...
  • The CompanionPoints Card
    Spend at participating outlet. Present your companionpoints card after payment (either by cash or credit card). Outlet awards bonus in the form of points on the card thru Point of Sale terminals. Member accumulates points as they spend. Each point is ...
  • Network International
    Established in 1994, Network International LLC is today one of the leading credit card and payment services providers in the Gulf and Middle East Region geared to meet the needs of Banks, Financial institutions, and large and individual retailers. Th ...
  • Diners Club International UAE
    The Diners Club Card is the worlds first all-purpose Charge Card that is recognised and welcomed by millions of establishments world-wide. With Diners Club you establish your own limits through your spending and payment patterns, charging within your ...
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