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  • Tractors
    For your requirements of Unused & Reconditioned Agricultural Tractors and New Implements exported world wide. ...
  • Planters
    Specialists in interior landscaping, modern landscape design, and superior plant maintenance; Planters is the largest interior landscaping company in the Middle East. ...
  • GreenCoastNurseries
    Dates and date palms are and have always been the pride of our Arabian countries. We have equally great pleasure and are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of quality Tissue Cultured date palm plants. Green Coast Nurseries is based in Fujairah, ...
    Fat is included in dairy cows to use its high energy to provide the animal with the energy needed to support a high level of production. The genetic selection of dairy cattle allows only animal having very high average production levels. The Challeng ...
  • Dina Home Co.
    Family business in Dubai dealing in plants, seeds, agricultural materials and equipment; has a nursery and farm for pot- and field-grown plants; products: palms, cycads, ornamental trees and shrubs; also sells horticulture perlite, vermiculite etc. ...
  • Arid Land Development Co. L.L.C.
    Arid Land Development Co. L.L.C. is a leading company dealing in Irrigation and water works items since year 1986 in U.A.E. and provide innovation along with practicalities to the customers. The Company offers best products of reliable quality, selec ...
  • Al Wathba Marionnet L.L.C. UAE
    Al Wathba Marionnet LLC is a leading plant bio-technology company established in Abu Dhabi in 1997, as part of the U.A.E. Offsets program between France and the United Arab Emirates. It is considered to be one of the worlds most important producer of ...
  • The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
    The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), an international center dedicated to fighting poverty, alleviating hunger and improving the lives of people in developing countries, was conceived in 1996. At that time, the Islamic Developme ...
  • Datepalm
    Web site on the date palm (Phoenix dactilyfera); has information on upcoming events and a newsletter on date palms and the date palm industry. ...
  • National Horticultural Enterprises
    Also known as Shams Flowers; based in Abu Dhabi; grows flowers, plants and various vegetables on a farm spread over four hectares, consisting of eight greenhouses planted with different crops. ...
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