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Information about Dubai surfing, surf in the Arabian Gulf (or Persian Gulf), surf in Oman, and surf in other UAE emirates including Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, and RAK (Ras al Khaimah). For buying and selling surfboards and other surf gear, visit the surfboards for sale section of the Dubai surf forum. Surfers arriving in Dubai dont usually expect to discover that the Gulf region has surf and surfers. Surfing conditions in Dubai are not exactly like the North Shore of Hawaii but you can still have a good blast surfing with the sun shining, the warm water, the (small) waves rolling in on the occasional surfable day in the winter - perhaps once or twice a week if youre lucky. Surfing is becoming more popular as the population of Dubai continues to grow at a fast pace. The decreasing number of beaches with surf (due to The World and the Palm Islands being built in Dubai) means that the lineup is not as empty of surfers as in the past, but most surfers in Dubai are friendly. Coldest water temperature is in January when its down to about 20-24 C - about half the people surfing will wear a spring wetsuit. Current weather conditions in Dubai and Oman are on the general surf information page. A general guide to Dubai surf and surfing in Dubai, the UAE, and Oman can also be found there along with information about buying and selling surfboards and surf equipment, what surfboard you should use, what kind of waves to expect in the UAE, hazards, surfboard repairs, and surf board rental in Dubai.


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