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  • Center for Strategic & International Studies
    The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) seeks to advance global security and prosperity in an era of economic and political transformation by providing strategic insights and practical policy solutions to decisionmakers. CSIS serves ...
  • AbuMusaIsland
    Iran has deployed Chinese HY-2 Silkworm anti-ship missiles along the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf, on Abu Musa island, on Qeshm Island and on Sirri Island. On 22 March 1995 US Secretary of Defense William Perry said that Iran had positioned chem ...
  • United Arab Emirates Facilities
    The United Arab Emirates [UAE] has provided valuable support to the United States and coalition operations in the region, allowing the deployment of aircraft and the use of its airspace. This includes facilities for an aerial refueling unit that supp ...
  • Dutch Aviation Society / Scramble
    The main activities of the Dutch Aviation Society are: The publication of the monthly magazine Scramble. To organise spotter conventions. Maintaining an aviation information database. Publishing from this aviation information database. Subscribe to S ...
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