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Dubai one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf, or that emirates main city, sometimes called Dubai City to distinguish it from the emirate. Dubai is the most populous and second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi. Dubai is distinct from other members of the UAE in that revenues from oil account for only 6% of its gross domestic product. A majority of the emirates revenues are from the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ)and increasingly from tourism. With enormous construction and development in various industries, Dubai has attracted world attention through innovative real estate projects, sports events, conferences and Guinness. The governments decision to diversify from a trade-based but oil-reliant economy to one that is service- and tourism-oriented has made real estate more valuable, resulting in the property boom from 2004-2006. Construction on a large scale has turned Dubai into one of the fastest growing cities in the world, equalled only by the large Chinese cities. The aspirations of the ruling sheikh are reflected by the ultra-modern architecture of the city; home to iconic skyscrapers such as Emirates Towers, which are the 12th and 24th tallest buildings in the world, and the Burj al-Arab located on its very own island in the Persian Gulf and currently the tallest hotel in the world. Emaar Properties is currently constructing what will become the worlds tallest structure, the Burj Dubai. The final height of the skyscraper is a closely guarded secret - an indication of the developers resolve to attain the title of the worlds tallest building and its intention to hold on to it for as long as possible - but estimates so far point to a height upwards of 810m. Burj Dubai is expected to be completed in 2008. Burj Dubais neighbour is another behemoth under construction: the worlds largest shopping mall - the Dubai Mall. Also under construction is what is planned to become Dubais new Central Business District, named Business Bay. The project, when completed, will feature a phenomenal 500 skyscrapers built around an artificial extension of the existing Dubai Creek. A new project was announced on May 1, 2006 by the authorities. It is named Bawadi and will consist of a 27 billion US-dollar investment intended to increase Dubais number of hotel rooms by 29,000, doubling it from the current figure offers now. The largest complex will be called Asia, Asia and will be the largest hotel in the world with more than 6,500 rooms. The first villa freehold properties that were occupied by non-UAE nationals were The Meadows, The Springs, and The Lakes (high-end neighbourhoods designed by Emaar Properties, collectively called Emirates Hills). Expatriates of various nationalities have been pouring capital into Dubai in the past several years, greatly contributing to the citys prosperity.


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