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Dubai Municipality is regarded as one of the largest establishments in Dubai in terms of the number of people it employs, the volume of services it provides to the public and the projects it carries out. Dubai Municipality is the major driving force behind the development process of Dubai City as a whole. Key Strategic Areas; Our five year Strategic Plan for the period from July 2004 to June 2009 has been founded on Eleven Strategic Areas, collectively they lead to the achievement of the following outcomes: 1. Meeting the Needs, Expectations and Aspirations of all stakeholder groups who have direct impact and / or are impacted by the Strategic Performance of the Dubai Municipality (DM). 2. Building Internal Performance Efficiency by emphasizing goals and objectives that enhances the Critical Performance of our resources, competences and capabilities. 3. Ensuring continuous growth of our Income, Profitability and Expansions, along with the increase of added values to Dubai Economy.


Address: P.O.Box: 67. Dubai, U.A.E
Telephone: (00971 4) 2215555
Fax: (00971 4) 2246666
Website: http://www.dm.gov.ae/