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The aim of our Early Years Department is to provide a happy, secure environment where children can become increasingly self-confident, learn to express themselves effectively and appropriately, develop their social skills and learn to respect the rights of others. For many children this will be their first experience of being away from home so close contact is maintained with parents to ensure an easy transition to school life. The emphasis is on multi-sensory, creative learning through experience based on all the current research into how the brain works and how small children learn. The programme is designed to enable each child to develop at his/her own pace. Early Years pupils also have access to specialist teachers for music, Information and Communication Technology, PE and swimming. A Parent Workshop is held at the beginning of the Reception Year to explain our methods of teaching reading and to offer advice to parents who wish to support their children’s learning at home.


Address: PO Box 7091, Dubai, UAE
Website: http://www.safaschooldubai.com/