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The American University in Dubai is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1995. It serves UAE nationals and international students who seek world-class career-oriented education. The curricula across its degree programs are skill-based and professionally conditioned. To the extent relevant to any given discipline, the University fosters a learning mode which is collaborative, thus enhancing the students ability to work in teams. AUDs degree programs are supported by appropriate technology and facilities. Students success in a chosen field of endeavor is, in our view, the ultimate test of the effectiveness of the educational experience offered by AUD. Mission Statement; The Mission of The American University in Dubai is to provide for the varying educational needs of a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed student body with the goal of preparing students academically, personally, and professionally for successful careers. Purpose-Related Goals of the University; In support of its philosophy and mission, AUDs goals are as follows: To enable an international student population to achieve personal and professional goals; To enable students to rely on their cultural heritage and background as a foundation for their learning, growth and change; To guide students in adapting their knowledge, training and skills to the workplace; To foster the development of critical thinking and lifelong learning skills; To instill the importance of ethical behavior, responsibility and professional standards; To provide academic programs, services, facilities and technologies that support team-based learning and contribute to students intellectual development and personal growth; To retain a diverse faculty comprised of experienced, qualified educators with industry-current expertise; To coach and prepare students for job placement and career success utilizing a network of professional and business contacts. Philosophy and Purpose of the University; The University community believes it has a special commitment to support each individuals goals. To this end, the University places emphasis on the educational, professional and personal growth of each student. Programs, policies and activities, which have been designed to implement this philosophy and purpose statement, are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the institution.


Website: http://www.aud.edu/