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  • Emirates Writers Union
    Web site of Emirates writers; has chapters in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah; site is in Arabic. ...
  • Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation
    The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) is a non-profit organisation established to advance classical music, the arts, education, culture, and creativity among the nationals and residents of Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1996 by Mrs. Hoda Al Khamis-Kan ...
  • Zayed Center
    Established by H.H. Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, President of the UAE, the Center for Heritage and History is an official, cultural and research institution founded to foster study and research related to tradition and history. It was officiall ...
  • Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation
    Foundation with headquarters at Rigga Road, Dubai; has 2 parts comprising a theater, library with 40,000 titles of modern Arabic literature, multipurpose hall, exhibition hall and several meeting rooms etc. ...
  • Masrheen
    Theatre group based in Sharjah; site is in Arabic. ...
    Dubai is a uniquely modern and cosmopolitan city and the United Arab Emirates is home for families of 150 nationalities, each with their own distinctive culture. Families, expatriates and UAE nationals, are neighbors; however they can also be strange ...
  • The Dubai International Art Centre
    Cultural institution in Dubai formed by artists and art lovers; works to encourage the development of arts and crafts in the UAE by offering classes and workshops in a variety of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. ...
  • ArtWorks Limited Liability Company
    ArtWorks has access to the expertise, knowledge base, business tools and methods of an extraordinary group of professionals with impeccable credentials, broad geographic coverage and a comprehensive tool kit. ArtWorks can assemble and manage multidis ...
  • Dubai Celebration of the Arabian Horse
    Art event wherein artists in the UAE and elsewhere will paint and embellish Arabian horse sculptures into unique works of art which will then be showcased in a multitude of high profile locations. ...
  • Dubai Cultural Council
    For many years now, Dubai has been driven by its relentless pursuit of commercial viability. So much so that the very essence of the emirate has become symbolic of its commercial success.Although the economic progression of the emirate has been noth ...
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