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Eng. Milo Torres has been established at Dubai Media City as a Freelancer in the year 2004 and since then, has been successfully engaged in providing comprehensive IT services in the following areas: Website development, Digital Imaging, CD presentation, Email Marketing Solutions, Online Database solutions, and other professional designs and online systems development and services. milotorres.com helps its clients in facilitating total exploitation of the opportunities presented by the exponential growth of the IT industry and the new age economy with its global significance. In this context, milotorres.com provides a unique combination of strategic thinking, creative enterprise and technological expertise.


Address: HD#54,2/F Bldg.2,P.O.Box 72280,Dubai,U.A.E
Telephone: 04-3676748
Fax: 04-3914822
Website: http://www.ofwzone.com/