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Arabian Assessment & Development Centre (also known as A.A.D.C) is the Middle East Agency of Psytech International, world leaders in the research, development and distribution of Psychometric Assessments & HR Consultancy. Psytech International is based in the United Kingdom with offices throughout the world, utilising the experience of fully qualified and certificated Occupational Psychologists. A.A.D.C in conjunction with Psytech International and The British Psychological Society are also the Middle East Licensing/Certification body for test users in the Middle East at both Level A (Ability & Aptitude) and Level B (Personality).


Address: P.O. Box 500301 Dubai Knowledge Village Dubai United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 971-4-390-0799
Fax: 971-4-366-4618
Website: http://www.arabianassessment.com/